Who We Are?

Our Mission & vision

  • To train players under very skilled, experienced and result oriented coaches.
  • To be the best sports academy of Gujarat state.
  • To be recognized and certified place to organize prestigious tournaments in the country.
  • To create such an environment that supports our members to be fit, be agile, and be energetic


Extraordinary Experiences

7sports academy is the place where sports lovers and those who are focused about their health and well being will enjoy. Rather they will feel fit and relaxed too. Our continuous efforts will be to provide a conducive environment to play, develop, and grow to be more fit, agile and healthy. Thought behind starting this academy is the need of a professional and disciplined approach required to be incorporated in training the future aspirants to achieve their goals in life, ON & OFF the field. For this we provide you best-in-class infrastructure of sport with multiple facilities available at one location.


Our Core Values

At 7sports you will be able to learn games in a more professional manner, you may fall in love with the game you like to play most, and we are sure about the environment at 7sports that you will live with the game, that is what we strive to provide you. For us, your experience is very important to improve and to be the leader in the segment, we believe in collaborative approach that will be more advantageous for every stakeholder of the academy.

the rise of 7 sports academy

“Necessity is the mother of invention”

Evolution of 7 Sports is due to scarcity of proper sport infrastructure in Anand district, The talented sports players are to be sharpen for higher level of play, now a days it is very evident that the players who really want to practice or play professionally for higher level have to move out of Anand district for advanced practice and coaching, at 7sports we strive to provide the best infra to play and result oriented coaching. The management is really very much interested in providing such infra in Anand itself, the aim behind this is very clear, that the level of certain games to be lifted up and enlighten the name of Anand at the state and countries. Sports will become very important as our life style is changing very rapidly. To manage work stress or to maintain health one must be having daily work out in form of any exercise.